As my parents and sister had an earlier flight from Kalibo, they had to leave earlier in the morning which we already prearranged with the hotel. Since they didn’t have enough time to eat breakfast anymore as the restaurant opens at 7:00 am, I called the reception the night before about this and they said that they’ll just prepare a packed breakfast for them.


Us, on the other hand, decided to avail a whole body massage service in our room after having breakfast which the hotel arranged for us for I think around 900 pesos per person. It was really relaxing and we really enjoyed it as it was the perfect way to cap our vacation.



Finally, we were brought to Caticlan Airport where we found out that the plane we were supposed to get on got delayed so we got transferred to Philippine Airlines (PAL), leaving at an earlier time. They even gave us free hotdogs on a bun and bottled waters to compensate for the changes.


All in all, we really had an awesome vacation although I wish it could have been longer. I thought 3 days was enough but I wasn’t able to take into much consideration the travel time involved from the airports especially for my parents and sister travelling via Kalibo Airport. Still, I can say that it really pays to have a concrete plan and to prearrange as much you can before going on a trip out of town to make sure that you will be able to maximize your stay and not waste time planning on the spot.

Almost everything that I listed in the itinerary I prepared for us were fulfilled although honestly, I did not strictly follow a time table per day as I also did not want our vacation to be too time constricted.

I’m really happy that this trip did not only serve us an anniversary vacation for just the two of us but was also a very memorable family event. I hope that as the years go by I can enjoy more beautiful places with these people I love.


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