Boracay (December 2016) Day 2

On our 2nd day, which was also our actual anniversary, we availed of our free breakfasts first at Mama’s Fish House located inside the hotel. It starts at 7:00 am until 10:00 am and you can choose from the various types of breakfast they offer ranging from Filipino, Continental, English, to American.


We had the whole day to ourselves so we contacted Kuya Nelson whom we met the previous day on the beach side of Microtel to give us a quote on the water activities we wanted to try. You’ll meet lots like him roaming around the beach area offering different packages to tourists but as his was the cheapest we decided to go with him. He was also really accommodating and even gave us discounts since we’re going as a group. I even had to contact him again to ask the rate he gave us for this blog as I couldn’t quite remember them anymore and he immediately replied. If you want to avail of his service, you can contact him at 09217387559 and he might even offer these activities at a lower price depending on the number of people in your group, the season, and your haggling skills.

Below is the rate given to us:

Activity Rate per person
Helmet Diving 500
Parasailing 1500
Banana boat 250

The rate already includes our ride from our hotel towards the starting point of these activities. We were fetched by a multicab to Station 2 where we were led by Kuya Nelson to the ticketing area. We gave him the full amount for all our activities and then he fixed everything for us so we just waited for him to give us our tickets. We were asked what we want to try first and we wanted helmet diving.


We rode a short boat ride towards the floating helmet diving station where we were briefed on the various rules and guidelines we have to follow during the activity and tips on how to feel more comfortable underwater. My mom skipped this one so it was only the 4 of us who tried.


Aboard the boat going to the helmet  diving station.
Waiting for our turn after a short orientation.

We were warned that the helmet itself will be really heavy as we need that weight to stay underwater but it still took some time before I was able to adjust to it. I had to constantly put one hand on the handle of the helmet to get the glass away from my face.


Both my shoulders and ears were really hurting but I was overcome by the beauty of the schools of fish surrounding me especially when they swarmed around me because of the bread I was holding. I felt their mouths bumping on to my fingers as they aggressively took bites from the bread. There were guides around you can signal to in case you experience any discomfort underwater. They also provided the bread we fed the fishes and took pictures of us underwater. We were given 20-30 minutes max but because I was increasingly getting uncomfortable because of the pain on my shoulders, I finally went up after 15 minutes underwater.



Our next stop was parasailing. Again, we took a short boat ride to another station then we transferred to a different boat. As it was only me and my boyfriend trying this, my mom, dad, and sister just stayed in the boat and watched us as we were pulled away by the wind. It was quite scary at first but when we were finally on top, we both just enjoyed the view from above and the adrenaline when a strong wind suddenly blows. After 15 minutes, before our time was up, we signalled the operators to pull us back already as I was starting to get sea sick. LOL.

Getting ready.



They brought us to the banana boat station, which all of us tried and really enjoyed. There were times when we felt like we were about to be thrown off because of the strong waves plus we were really going fast but that just made it more exciting for us. We were toured around the different sites around the island and the boat driver was really accommodating in taking pictures of us. He really seemed like an expert in taking photos as he counts in Korean (hana, dul, set) and took lots and lots of them.



Finally, we were brought back to Station 2 where we enjoyed the beach for a while. We were asked if we want to brought back to our hotel but we decided to go to D’Mall first so we can have lunch. We ate in Mcdonald’s where they allowed us to enter even if we were in our swimsuits and dripping wet. After having lunch, we bought some souvenirs.


We weren’t able to advise Microtel on what time we want to be picked up as we didn’t know what time we’ll finish with our activities so we just decided to ride a tricycle again going back to our hotel. Tricycle rides from Station 2 to Microtel ranges from 100 to 120 pesos for the 5 of us which is quite reasonable as they’re quite far from each other.

Upon arriving in the hotel, we were surprised to see that a copy of our underwater pictures from when we went helmet diving was delivered to the reception in a CD for free as we thought that we had to pay extra for them. And then when we entered our room, the beds were made up, new towels were given, the trash cans were emptied and all our things scattered around the room including all our gadgets and cellphones were properly laid out in the beds.

We spent the rest of the afternoon dipping in the swimming pool and the beach while taking endless photos. When it was almost time for dinner, my mom went to D’Mall again, riding the free shuttle of the hotel to buy us food and then we just ate inside our room. We borrowed some plates and utensils from the hotel and then spent the night just relaxing and organizing the photos we took for the past 2 days.






Day 1:

Day 3: To be posted soon 🙂


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