Boracay (December 2016) Day 1

Last December, in celebration of our 2nd anniversary, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a 3-day vacation in Boracay with my family. As I can be really particular with each and every detail before going on a trip, I started planning 6 months before our actual trip. Yeap, 6 months for a 3-day vacation. LOL

So in this blog, let me share with you all those details to help you in case you’re planning on visiting Boracay anytime soon.

Some may say that Boracay isn’t much of a big deal anymore nowadays as there are more beautiful and unexploited beaches scattered around the Philippines, but as someone who hadn’t been there before, the place still amazed me. I can say that it still has its charm that first-timers like me will really appreciate.



Around May last year, Cebu Pacific had a promo so I immediately bought roundtrip tickets for me and my boyfriend bound to Caticlan Airport from Manila for only P1966.00, all additional baggage allowance and insurance excluded. My mom, dad and sister weren’t sure then if they’ll come with us so they bought their tickets around October already for P7379.40, two-way. The cheapest we could find were from Air Asia and bound to Kalibo this time.

I read in some blogs that tickets from Manila bound to Caticlan are usually more expensive  than those bound to Kalibo as the former is nearer to Caticlan Jetty Port. We were just lucky enough to chance upon really low-priced tickets going to Caticlan. So I suggest to always watch out for promos from different airlines announced in their social media accounts.


From either airports, there are various and cheaper options going to Boracay Island itself, but I opted to arrange an airport transfer with the hotel we were checking in to as it would be more convenient for us especially for my parents and sister as they’re coming all the way from Kalibo. I just emailed them at and they were very prompt in answering all our queries and accommodating our requests.

They charged us P1400.00 per person for a roundtrip transfer service via Kalibo Airport, then it’s P900.00 per person from Caticlan. If you can squeeze in the additional amount in your budget, I believe they’re quite reasonable already to avoid the hassle and stress of finding your own way to your hotel especially if it’s your first time there.

From Caticlan

After landing in Caticlan, I was surprised to see that there’s a bus from Southwest Tours on the actual runway waiting for all the passengers. Apparently, we still had to ride a bus going to the airport terminal.

After about 15 minutes, we arrived in the terminal, registered, and then saw a uniformed guy from our hotel.

Caticlan Airport

We rode a private van going to Caticlan Jetty Port which lasted for only around 5 minutes.

The van all to ourselves XD

At the port, we just had to wait for our guide to buy our boat tickets and pay for the environmental and terminal fees then we were led to a shared boat.

Outside the Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal.
Boats going to Boracay Island.

Upon arriving in Cagban-Boracay Pier after only 15 minutes, we were led to a private multicab going to our hotel.

Outside the Cagban-Boracay Pier.
The multicab all to ourselves again XD

From Kalibo

Meanwhile, upon landing at Kalibo Aiport, my parents and sister were immediately led to a shared bus going to Caticlan Jetty Port from Southwest Tours as well. After a  couple of hours, the same guy who fetched us guided them from the port to the hotel riding a shared boat and a private multicab too.

My parents’ plane landed earlier than us but since they’re coming from Kalibo, we arrived in the hotel around an hour or two earlier than them.



I booked a room in Microtel via for P8100.00 for two nights. We had to pay for an additional P750.00 per person per night as the room is only good for two people.

It’s actually a really spacious room as it has 2 queen-sized beds so I just opted to pay for an additional amount as this was still a cheaper option than getting another room. This already includes a free breakfast for each one of us and a free shuttle from the hotel to D’Mall—the shopping area in Station 2.

Microtel is located in Diniwid Beach, a little farther away from Station 1, so if you want some peace and quiet away from the parties at night, this is the perfect spot for you.

Microtel staff greeting us as we arrive.

Upon arriving in the reception area of the hotel, the staff will immediately give you cold towels, welcome drinks, and a welcome necklace which you would really appreciate after a long trip outside under the scorching heat of the sun. Honestly speaking, this is the first time that I experienced this kind of hospitality upon arriving in a hotel I’m checking in to so they really gave me a good impression.

Our welcome drinks.
Don Romar XD
Donya Odette XD

We settled the amount we needed to pay then the receptionist gave us 2 key cards to our room, a copy of the free shuttle schedule throughout the day, the WiFi login details in the common areas and our breakfast stubs.


The room

Our room itself is just like a duplicate of the room we booked back in October in Microtel Mall of Asia. It has 2 queen-sized beds, a day bed by the window, a flat-screen TV with cable, and an air conditioning unit.



The bathroom was spotless. I also loved that they provided lots of towels we can also use outside in the pool and beach area.

While waiting for my parents and sister to arrive, my boyfriend and I decided to stroll around the hotel and the beach area. You can actually walk from Diniwid Beach to Station 1 as there’s a passageway around the rocky areas separating the two beaches. It was a Sunday afternoon and we noticed that there were lots of locals enjoying the beach as well.

As we were all quite hungry already by the time my parents and my sister arrived, we decided to go to D’mall using the free shuttle to have an early dinner in one of the restaurants there. There are lots you can choose from depending on your budget and food preferences.

Early Dinner in Lanz Box.

Then, we went to the beach area and thought we can walk back to our hotel but after a while, we realized that it’s too far. LOL.

Fortunately, we saw Jony’s Fruit Shake and Restaurant so that was our cue to accept the reality that our hotel was really too far to walk to and tried their shakes. They were a bit pricey but they came in really big servings and tasted excellent.


We decided to just take a tricycle back to our hotel as we failed to catch the free shuttle passing through.

Despite the cold weather, we still did some night swimming in the pool and we had it all to ourselves.

Day 2:


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