WANTED: Perfect Place

For those looking for any type of accommodation when travelling I know that some of us, including me, can get really obsessed with finding the right place and, for me, that’s perfectly okay. Well, of course it is, because for at least a day or two, that place will be an extension of our own homes and we want our homes to be their best and to match our wants and more especially our needs.

And so, let me share with you the three main factors I consider when looking for an accommodation in the hopes that it will help you in your next hunt for the perfect place:

  1. It should be clean

Not necessarily spotless but clean enough that I wouldn’t be seeing any stains in the bed sheets and the comfort room should smell and look nice. Hygiene is everything, guys! LOL

  1. It should be nice-looking

It doesn’t have to be really big with all those unnecessary space just for aesthetic purposes for as long as every space is utilized. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Instagram-worthy, just something that is relaxing to look at. I mean, you are in vacation to feel good about yourself and be relaxed with your surroundings, right?

  1. It should be worth my money

It’s safe to say that I’m one of the most kuripot people in the world so I make sure that whatever amount I pay for is returned with quality. I don’t mind paying for a bit more for as long as I get my money’s worth. I don’t want to get a cheaper and smaller room with only one bed which we all have to squeeze into just to save a few pesos. There should be a balance between comfort and value.


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