Daj Suites Blog Review (Tagaytay)

Last December, my boyfriend and I had to attend the wedding of our workmates in Tagaytay. It was on the 19th of December and since that month was also the birth month of my mom and I (we share the same birthday – December 14), we decided to just book a hotel near the venue for the whole weekend with my family.

So after weeks of finding the perfect hotel for us to stay in, we decided on Daj Suites Tagaytay.  It was months ahead when we booked it through Booking.com. This was only the second time I was in charge of looking for an accommodation when we go out of town so I can be really obsessed with finding the right place for us. If you’re interested to know about these factors I consider, you can check THIS out.

And so having these things in mind, I went with Daj Suites. There are still some negative feedback here and there but they were generally okay. You can check on the comments section of Tripadvisor, Booking.com and Agoda for some (I think) reliable comments.

So as I mentioned earlier, I booked it through Booking.com. According to the site, I am fortunate enough to be given a discount for the price of P8800 for two nights with breakfast for 4. It was the cheapest I could find for that type of accommodation since we were actually 5 who checked in and they didn’t charge us for the extra person. I deposited P2000 to their account as a sort of confirmation fee and the rest we paid during our stay.

We checked in around 6 or 7 pm although our check in time is at 2 because we still had to go to work that day (it was a Friday). It was raining hard but we didn’t really have any problems finding the place with the help of Waze. The place itself is actually a few meters away from the highway but there’s a huge sign by the road where you need to turn so there’s no problem with that.

Our immediate reaction upon seeing the façade of the place is “WOW! Ang sosyal!” The place itself is not that big and doesn’t have this intimidating vibe. It feels homey and cozy without sacrificing the place’s elegance. Upon arriving, one of the hotel’s staff came forward with an umbrella to help us get inside as I said it was raining hard. He also assisted my dad with the parking of our car. I paid for the remaining balance in the reception and then we were led to our room which was just near the reception at the ground floor. I didn’t get to explore the upper floor but I believe it has just two floors. It all went very smoothly and in a few minutes we were already in our room relaxing. One of the staff helped us with our things and brought us utensils we can use which we requested.





The space itself is big enough for the 5 of us. It has 2 beds: 1 king-sized bed and 1 single bed. The king-sized bed was big enough for me, my sister and my boyfriend. It can fit as much as 4 people at most, I think. And then, my mom and dad squeezed into the single bed which I think was quite okay for them.

The single bed
The king-sized bed

There’s also a sitting area where you can just hang out to watch cable channels on the flat-screen TV with one sofa, two wooden chairs and one coffee table.

It was bit messy because we all just dumped our stuff around when we arrived.
My dad relaxing on the couch watching TV.
More of our stuff lying around. XP

They also provided unlimited instant coffee. There are 2 mugs and 2 glasses found in one of the drawers where the TV is placed and a mini refrigerator on the other with 4 plastic bottles which you can easily refill by the reception area.


Someone took one already XD

There’s a closet as well where you can hang your clothes and other necessities like bathrobes, slippers (which are really thin that you might as well not wear them LOL), and toiletries.

The comfort room is really clean, nice and spacious. There is both a bathtub and a shower area with working heaters.

There is also an indoor pool which unfortunately didn’t have any heater so you really can’t enjoy it unless you like soaking yourself into ice cold water.


My boyfriend and sister having no problems with the cold.

The next day, it was still raining and I think it has not stopped at all overnight. But it was okay as it was the perfect time to just snuggle in bed under the comforters and just watch some movies. Unfortunately, I don’t drink coffee but it would have been perfect at that time.

We availed of the free breakfast for 4 and chose from their menu. All of them were rice meals but I forgot to take a picture of the actual list we chose from. I had liempo with rice and egg while the others I think had sisig and bangus tocino. They didn’t exactly tasted super good but it was okay and had huge servings so that’s a plus. One meal can serve at least two people already so we didn’t have to order an extra meal for one of us.




After that, we went back to our room and just hung out. By lunch time, my boyfriend and I started preparing for the wedding we had to go to while my family decided to go to Mahogany market to try the “so-called” best bulalo in town.

Most handsome abay EVER!!!

The next day, while we were all still sleeping, my mom and dad attended mass in the Pink Sisters Convent just a few kilometers from Daj.

Pink Sisters
Source: http://thequainttraveler.blogspot.com/

There are just a few minor things I didn’t like that some I have already mentioned earlier:

  1. The pool’s as cold as ice. Given, Tagaytay is already a cold place even without the heavy rains, so if you decide to have a pool in a hotel, even if it’s indoors, at least have some heater for it so the guests can enjoy this and not suffer hypothermia just a few minutes in. LOL!
  2. The free slippers are paper thin! LOL. They weren’t comfortable at all and I have slipped a few times wearing them because of the awkward way they were built. But I guess they are “free” so I shouldn’t expect too much. XD
  3. And lastly, we had a squeaky little friend sharing our room. I guess we didn’t get the memo that someone has already checked in our room before us. XD Yeap, there was a mouse in our room. It was running back and forth from the comfort room everytime we turn off the lights and we didn’t have the means to chase it out. It worried us a bit since we have food lying on the coffee table so we had to make sure all of them were covered everytime we sleep or leave the room. We informed one of the staff about this but we didn’t want to give him the hassle of chasing around a mouse, waiting for it to come out so we just let it be.

So that’s it, guys. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a quick weekend getaway just a few hours away from the city. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth and store lots of good memories. I know we did. 🙂

How to get there:




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